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Campus Mangtaa Campus Mangtaa is a complete Campus Management System, fully integrated, efficient, ERP solution which enhances and supports your campus to deliver global standards and manages all complex task of campus automation. Campus Mangtaa is completely user friendly and has a comprehensive interface for easy navigation and takes the campus management to the next generation level.
In today’s Hi Tech-world, it is essential to every campus or institute to acclimatize most recent technology. Now a day’s administration & management of campus, particularly educational institutions, has become a monotonous and multifaceted job. It requires cautious planning, organized approach and accurate control of administrative processes to attract the best students, produce best results and project the best image. Campus Mangtaa is an elegant, suspiciously crafted and constructed campus management system to accomplish your requirements.
Campus Mangtaa is fully integrated, efficient, software assists you in organizing the day-to-day activities of the campus. Campus Mangtaa helps to maintain a paper free administration and includes various administrative, students, staff, examination, hostel, transport, fee and accounting management modules and many more modules that enable a unique and comprehensive campus management. The system generates various reports based on each module. These reports can be customized according to the user needs. The administrator can set the user rights for each user according to the user role. The users can access only areas that are privileged to them.

SaaS model-low cost automation

Software as a service sometimes referred to as "software on demand," is software that is deployed over the internet and/or is deployed to run behind a firewall on a local area network or personal computer. With SaaS, a provider licenses an application to customers as a service on demand, through a subscription or a "pay-as-you-go" model.
For many institutions, academic and administrative software represents significant expense for hardware and IT staff. With SaaS platform Campus Mangtaa hosts and manages your academic and administrative platform for you, so you can keep staff and resources focused on serving students, faculty, and alumni. We take care of the necessary maintenance and upgrades, so you don't have to.
SaaS Platform lets you outsource the necessary technical infrastructure, maintenance, and administrative support to skilled IT professionals with expertise managing Campus Mangtaa’s academic and administrative applications. What about disaster recovery and network downtime? Your solution is hosted in a world-class enterprise data center designed to anticipate and resolve issues promptly.
With SaaS, your institution accesses Campus Mangtaa's solutions over the Internet without having to purchase, deploy, or manage the software licenses or underlying hardware. You use the software as you would any utility – with costs based on the number of students and staff using the software. Read More...

Custom Website Development

An ideal web site is one of the best employees of any company. An eye-catching and innovative Website Design forms only positive impression about your organization, user-friendly functionality shows your existing and even potential customers how much you care about them; and efficient Web Promotion ensures that your new "employee" is highly trained and exceptionally skilled to boost the profitability of your business.
Life in the Internet era is quite difficult and demands everlasting progress, earning the most advanced trends in web design and development and continuous improvement of the service level is our responsibility. Here at Mangtaa we always offers you the cutting edge technologies and highly professional, knowledgeable staff including proficient website designers, innovative graphic designers and web design architects. They work with the clients to create and implement innovative solutions, utilizing all media to deliver targeted and effective communication. A widest range of services of our company includes professional Web Development and Web Design,
Innovations and creativity is what we live for. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking at one of our regular packages or a totally custom solution, you can always rely on us. We will consider all your needs, preferences and requirements to develop a truly unique website that will attract visitors with a pleasant front end and an easy-to-use functionality. Whether it is a simple personal web page or a complicated business solution, our main goal is to provide superior and unique design and branding services which will help to drive businesses of all sizes and for all tastes.

Customized Application

Mangtaa offers a supreme service on developing client business strategy, application architecture, implementation, training and support in client’s effort to provide or consume a SaaS application and its customization.

Mangtaa has extensive practice in developing and maintaining SaaS or On-demand applications. Mangtaa’s vast experience in SaaS and SOA domain has enabled enterprises to gain insights to best practices in SaaS and On-demand application development and On-demand adoption for enterprise. Mangtaa’s development team includes professional and experts in India who are well versed in the challenge of development, implementation, roll out and support for SaaS application escalation.

Mangtaa is available with ample of steps for easy customization. You just have to place your requirements describing project specification, our experts and skill people review it, and contact you for further discussion related to project specification. And provide feasible estimation which fit into your budget.